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Our Services

Bringing Value to Families, Facilities and Inmates


Through FORECOMM Solutions’ integrated network, inmates place commissary orders through kiosks, phones, on-site POS systems and tablets. Our order fulfillment software enables us to complete orders at a 99.3% accuracy rate. We work with each client to design customized offerings and processes to seamlessly integrate with the facility for safety and efficiency.

Over 700 Items Available

High Quality Name Brands

Onsite & Offsite Fulfillment


FORECOMM Solutions provides comprehensive phone services for existing and newly-built facilities. Our phone platform is extremely user-friendly  and offers advanced technology designed to streamline facility workloads.

Phone Services

Investigative Features

Security Benefits


FORECOMM Solutions offers kiosks for depositing funds to an inmate’s personal account along with other services including secure messaging and account management.

Account Deposits

Accepts Cash, Credit & Debit Cards

Posts in Real Time


Our tablets are an efficient entertainment, communication and education solution for facilities. This technology also allows inmates to be proactive by submitting requests and filing electronic grievances.

Save Time

Reduce Contraband and Pathogen Transfer

Strengthen Your Facility’s Security

Video Arraignment

Through our video arraignment services, we simplify remote appearances. This technology easily integrates with existing hardware and can connect via web browsers, cell phones, tablets, etc. With built-in DocuSign and image sharing capabilities, this service significantly reduces transportation costs and arraignment session times.

Browser-based platform with no plugins required

Can be integrated with almost all phone, camera and microphone systems

Built-in DocuSign services


No matter your existing structure or layout, we work with you to determine the best solution for your facility.



Our knowledgeable, highly-trained team members are always available to assist our clients and customers.


FORECOMM Solutions seamlessly integrates with any software so facility processes are streamlined, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Our order fulfillment software enables us to complete orders at a  99.3% accuracy rate.

Working with us is a special experience

Our Process


Initial Discovery Meeting

We present our offerings to the facility staff and discuss how they could benefit from our services.


Facility Analysis

FORECOMM Solutions analyzes the facility’s current state to find potential areas of improvement.


Design Custom Service and Product Plan

We design a customized plan that seamlessly integrates with a facility’s current processes to avoid any disruption.


Service Implementation and Management

After implementation, we consistently monitor our performance  to optimize FORECOMM Solutions’ value.

Better Customer Service Starts Here

Our Client Stories
  • "The best thing about FORECOMM is that I can always go to the top and speak to someone at the top. My phone calls will always be answered, and if they're not, they'll be returned. They always take care of the problem."
    Percy Miles | Percy Miles | Washington County Correctional Facility Warden
  • "It's been nothing but a great experience. FORECOMM always wants to be more efficient, which makes us more effective. They're not afraid to try new and innovative things in technology."
    Steven McCain | Steven McCain | Grant Parish Detention Facility Sherriff
  • “FORECOMM Solutions is the commissary provider for the St. Tammany Parish Jail. They are an efficient and professional company that consistently provides a quality product for our inmates. We are happy with the service they provide, but more importantly the inmates in our custody and their families are also pleased with products and services provided by ForeComm Solutions.”
    Randy Smith | Randy Smith | St. Tammany Parish Sheriff
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with FORECOMM Solutions for over 8 years. During those 8 years we've seen a continued growth in revenue and experienced unparalleled customer service. I would have no problem recommending FORECOMM Solutions to any facility who is looking for quality service and exceptional inmate accounting software."
    Captain Stuart Murphy | Captain Stuart Murphy | Tangipahoa Parish Jail