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FORECOMM Solutions offers on-site public kiosks, inmate pod kiosks and booking and bond kiosks. Our integrated systems are extremely user-friendly for inmates and families while providing facilities with a variety of added benefits and features.

Family members and friends can easily deposit funds directly into an inmate’s account using cash and cards at on-site public kiosks.


On-site Public Kiosks

FORECOMM Solutions’ on-site public kiosks gives friends and families the ability to deposit funds directly into an inmate’s account via cash or card. These deposits will ultimately increase an inmate’s spending and generate more revenue for the facility.

Kiosk Benefits

Account Deposits

Accepts Cash, Credit & Debit Cards

Posts in Real Time


Generates More Revenue


Inmate Pod Kiosks

Our inmate pod kiosks are among the safest all-in-one units available. It provides unmatched functionality, usability with multiple safety features for facilities. These pod kiosks seamlessly integrate with other facility functions for accurate, updated information at all times.

All-in-one Unit

Shatterproof Touchscreen

2000 Pound Wall Pull Off

Secure Messaging

Commissary Ordering

Inmate Inquiries

Inmate Grievance Management

General Information

Inmate Account Information


Law Library

Medical Request

Video Visitation

Booking & Bond Kiosks

Our booking and bond kiosks provide a secure, efficient way for correctional officers to handle intake cash. Instead of placing cash into envelopes and holding it in a safe to post to the inmates’ accounts later, booking officers are able to place intake funds directly into the kiosk at the time of booking. The funds are then available for the inmates to use right away, allowing them to access phones, commissary, emailing, and other available services.

These kiosks can also be configured to accept multiple bond types such as cash bonds, commercial bonds, property bonds, summons bonds, surety bonds, etc. This function provides additional options for your agency in collecting and managing bond payments and disbursements.

Deposit intake cash into the inmate’s trust account at booking

Funds available immediately for inmate use

Efficient, secure management of intake cash

Bond deposit capability available

Comprehensive Solutions for Facilities, Inmates and Their Families.

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