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FORECOMM Solutions provides comprehensive phone services for existing and newly-built facilities. Our competitive call rates generate more revenue for clients while also providing the community with a cost-effective option for inmate phone services. FORECOMM Solutions’ phone platform is extremely user-friendly, offers advanced technology designed to streamline facility workloads, as well as a plethora of investigative and security features for facilities. Our systems are set up with ample amounts of bandwidth to avoid any disruptions or issues during peak hours. As an added security benefit, we utilize a consistently updated firewall system to address any potential vulnerabilities.

FORECOMM charges all calls in low, per-minute rates, with no connection fees, surcharges or inflated “First Minute” charges. Additionally, we do not offer exorbitantly-priced ‘Single Payment’ calls, which are typically abusive, misleading and very common in this industry. Our use of low calling rates and minimal fees means that our completed calls and gross revenue is one of the highest in the industry on a per-inmate basis.


We Provide the Following Services

No Connection Fees

Billing & Collections

Customer Service Support

A Cutting-edge Inmate Call Control System

Commissary Calling

Long Distance Calls

Collect Calls

PREA, Crime Tips & Grievance Notification

Video Visitation (Onsite & Offsite)

Inmate Voicemail

Broadcast Messaging

Security Benefits

ECHO™ Voice Biometrics

ECHO™ Voice Biometrics

Analyzing unique voice characteristics enhances security and identifies PIN theft and PIN sharing.

Call Thresholding

Call Thresholding

Allow for controlled access of outside agencies to their recordings only.

Three-Way Call Detection

Three-Way Call Detection

Easily identify three-way calls with the option to flag or terminate.

Investigative Features

Live Monitoring

Monitor phone calls in real time, even from your cell phone.

Call Details Storage

Store for up to 5 years without need for archival.

HTML5 Audio Player

Easy-to-use tool allows you to listen to audio anywhere via the web.

Data Mining System

Find commonalities between inmates and called parties.

Destination Calling Map

View a Google Map showing the residence of the family member or friend who set up an account for the inmate.

Reverse Lookup

Identify destination number.

DTMF Digit Collection

Improved analysis through data collection.

Investigative Alerts

Set a range of helpful alerts that can be received by your investigative staff by phone call, email or text.

Comprehensive Solutions for Facilities, Inmates and their Families.

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