Remote Video Arraignments for Your Facility

Through our video arraignment services, we simplify remote appearances. This technology easily integrates with existing hardware and can connect via web browsers, cell phones, tablets, etc. With built-in DocuSign and image sharing capabilities, this service significantly reduces transportation costs and arraignment session times.


We work with each client to design customized offerings and processes to seamlessly integrate with the facility for safety and efficiency.

Per-month costs are typically less than one day of transportation

A typical 90-minute arraignment session can be completed in less than 20 minutes

Safer Courtrooms

Extremely user-friendly

Minimal IT and equipment costs


Our video arraignment services have a wide range of benefits designed to improve your processes.

Browser-based platform with no plugins required

Can be integrated with almost all phone, camera and microphone systems

Built-in DocuSign services

Documents and images can be shared between users

Subconference feature allows private conversations

Secure web portal access

Comprehensive Solutions for Facilities, Inmates and Their Families.

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