A One-Stop Shop
Inmate Service Company

Providing Commissary, Communication & Technology


Through FORECOMM Solutions’ integrated network, inmates place commissary orders through kiosks, phones, on-site POS systems and tablets. Our order fulfillment software enables us to complete orders at a 99.3% accuracy rate. We work with each client to design customized offerings and processes to seamlessly integrate with the facility for safety and efficiency.

Over 700 Items Available

High Quality Name Brands

Onsite & Offsite Fullfillment


FORECOMM Solutions provides comprehensive phone services for existing and newly-built facilities. Our phone platform is extremely user-friendly and offers advanced technology designed to streamline facility workloads.

Phone Services

Investigative Features

Security Benefits


FORECOMM Solutions offers kiosks for depositing funds to an inmate’s personal account along with other services including secure messaging and account management.

Safest Inmate Pod Kiosk Available

Shatterproof Touchscreen

2000 lb Wall Pull Off


Our tablets are an efficient entertainment, communication and education solution for facilities. This technology also allows inmates to be proactive by submitting requests and filing electronic grievances.

Damage Resistant Design

8 Hours of Battery Life

Charger Base


Through our video arraignment services, we simplify remote appearances. This technology easily integrates with existing hardware and can connect via web browsers, cell phones, tablets, etc. With built-in DocuSign and image sharing capabilities, this service significantly reduces transportation costs and arraignment session times.

Browser-based platform with no plugins required

Can be integrated with almost all phone, camera and microphone systems

Built-in DocuSign services